90 Days to a Better Marriage 


Many times we get caught up in the routine of trying to make a living, raising a family, and working on our careers that we neglect the most important person in our life, our spouse.

If you marriage has become dull and lost its excitement, or you are just frustrated with the way your marriage and love life is going, then 90 Days to a Better Marriage has the answer.

Simply enter your name and best e-mail address in the form and you will receive my Free report, “What a Man Wants and What a Woman Needs” and automatically be enrolled in 90 Days to a Better Marriage.

Here Are The Lessons You Will Receive

Lesson 1-Desire and Commitment-Wanting it bad…making it work.

Lesson 2-How to Talk ‘With’ Each Other, not to each other.

Lesson 3-Love Covers a Multitude of Sins-How to forgive and forget.

Lesson 4-Encouraging Your Husband-Shine your knights armor-he will be your prince again.

 Lesson 5-Lifting Up Your Wife-Help your angel spread her wings so she can fly.

Lesson 6-Behind Closed Doors-What a husband needs in the bedroom.

Lesson 7-Behind Closed Doors-What a wife needs in the bedroom.

Lesson 8-In-Laws-Dealing with his/her mom and dad.

Lesson 9-Money Issues-Balance the budget and strengthen your marriage.

Lesson 10-Dancing In the Rain-Fun things to add spice to the marriage.

Lesson 11-Building the Dream-‘I Bless The Day I Found You.’

Lesson 12-Perspective-Using what you have learned.

I Sincerely Want You to Have a Blessed and Happy Marriage.


 To encourage you to finish all 12 lessons, when you finish lesson 12, I will send you a FREE copy of the ’97 Steps to a Better Relationship’ eBook that you will find yourself referring to often. And, there will be some surprises along the way for you.. So, keep your eye on your email box with the line ‘Better Marriages.’



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